Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Blog, A Blog, My Homeland For a Blog!

It has taken me well over three hours to create this most simplest of blogs. A task multiple people assured me would take all of five minutes. But how, I ask, do you select a font that conveys your inner essence when you only have six to choose from? How is one to decide whether side bars are bold-worthy or if that distinction should be reserved for links?? It is gray outside today with threatening rain which may have influenced my background color choice. I hope I don't regret this torturous decision when the sun reappears.

As I've take the better part of three weeks to get up and running on this blog, I'll give a brief update of how I've spent my time to date.

Week One: Unpacking and organizing. Multiple trips to IKEA. TK scratching his head when he returned home each evening to find the place looking far worse than when he left in the morning. I kept telling him that I had "a process". I never quite figured out what that process was and I'm pretty sure he didn't buy my bluff.

Week Two: More organizing. Laundry! I had to take pictures of all the settings then download the pictures to my computer and babelfish the translations. Then I had to convert the Celsius water temperatures to Fahrenheit. While TK has showed me the most important settings, I'm not quite sure I trust his laundry prowess. This is a man who two weeks ago decided to dry our still damp sheets by draping them over our mahogany stained dining room chairs. Thankfully German washing machines have a super duper hot setting (90 Celsius 194 Fahrenheit!). All survived the incident including TK. Julika has provided a helpful translation between Trocken (dry) and Schranktrocken (closet dry) but really what does that mean? And how much can I possibly care? Am I evil for missing my American setting of Overdry Energy Waster?

Week Three: Wondering if all I really accomplished in week two was laundry?? I can feel the impending doom of this blog breathing down my neck already.

Our friend Trudy had a business trip layover last Saturday and we decided to make the most of the time with a visit to Oktoberfest or Wiesn as the natives call it. We were rewarded richly within five minutes of entering by witnessing a drunk getting tossed from a beer tent - one security guard for each limb on the ole' heave ho.
Steffen, Trudy and Thomas at the U-bahn

While we did experience the full spectrum of dirndls and drunks, we ourselves did not indulge in das Bier. All the tents were overcrowded so they weren't letting anyone else in. Thomas and I tried to go back again last night thinking mid-week might be less crowded but we were forewarned that it was just as crowded. I may have underestimated how big a deal this is.

Tonight we go to our mutual friend Gordon's house for dinner. He is here in Germany on an expat assignment that will end within the next few months. TK and I spent last night rehearsing how I can distract our hosts while he whips out the tape measure and determines what of their possessions we can place low ball offers on. This couch is so comfortable - are you planning on taking it home with you? You know, I'd really love another cup of coffee. Would you mind terribly brewing a fresh pot? I do so hate stale coffee. Quick, honey, the coffee table, measure the coffee table!!

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Thank god you explained the name of your town in your profile. I was thinking I would never be able to write it with sniggering each time. Too funny!
Loved the blog. Keep 'em coming....