Monday, March 22, 2010

Brotzeit Birthday

The twins turned 37 on Saturday.  We enjoyed family time over the weekend including a traditional Bavarian Brotzeit.  Brotzeit makes for a perfect Sunday evening meal when nobody feels like cooking but you still want a little German Gemütlichkeit (comfortable meal with friends/family).  It's a lighter meal than say, the pot roast that we had on Saturday (coincidentally the first gorgeous spring day we'd had so not exactly pot roast weather).  A lighter meal that is, ahem, unless you mainline the Obatzda cheese spread like Bobby Brown on a crack binge and then wash it down with several Edelstoffs.  I'd go into more detail but my arteries are so clogged that the circulation to my fingers is compromised which makes typing   h...a....rd.

The birthday boys.

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karin said...

I love your bloggidy blog blogs! Keep em coming. Are you heading to Maine this summer??????