Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Time to Sow and a Time to Sew

It's been so nice to spend some time with my family this last week.  By far, the hardest part of living abroad is missing family and friends.  Email, hour-long phone calls, Skype - they are simply not a comparable replacement for sleepy kids crawling into bed with you, chatting over a cup of tea, Little Debbies with Dad and just time in the company of my family who always make me laugh and always make me feel home. Just home.

I'm loving all things Maine at the moment.  Spring.  Here for real unlike the teasing spring I left behind in Munich. The smell of the pine needles, daffodils waving in the late afternoon breeze coming up off the ocean, fresh cut grass and dirt.  Yup, dirt.  Dad and I spent yesterday at the community garden that operates as part of a 4-H summer camp for kids. It was so simple.  Sun. Sky. Seeds. I'm struck again and again by the strong sense of community in Maine. A bunch of people getting together to sow some seeds so that kids can learn that beans grow on vines and snap peas don't come wrapped in cellophane.

Onto sewing... I spent last week in NJ visiting the sibs and was able to spend most of Sunday sewing with my niece who is turning into quite the accomplished seamstress.  She's got a great eye for color and style and is a much better sewer than I was at her age.  This skirt is her latest creation from a tutorial you can find here. I'm proud of you, Paige.

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